Question #1:   Your home is your…….what?

So, how do you answer that?  Do you think, “my castle”?  Maybe, out of reflex, with some hesitation?  But, even that cliche’ should be addressed a bit more seriously.  At best, your home should be a “safe” place or, better still, a place where you can hope to be fruitful, secure, joyous.  “Where the heart is?”  Yeah, maybe that too.

Question #2If only my home was……what?   

Paid off?  Bigger?  Smaller?  In a different neighborhood?  Out in the country?  Some of that you can do something about.  But, as life changes around you and you change too, you might find that you’re simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Sometimes, “changing the road you’re on” means exactly that: changing the road you’re on.

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