ARL Terminology

A Useful Guide to Terminology Utilized on the ARL Site

  • Krugmanian Agent Provocateur (KAP) – A (possibly, not-so-cleverly) disguised wolf that may infiltrate a flock of well-meaning (but, probably naive) seekers of Truth, Justice and the American Way, for the purposes of leading them to slaughter at the hands of the blunt power of the uber-state (and, of course, it’s printing press).   See also possible related terms:  Krugmania, Krugmanian Dreamworld (alt. Krugman-in-Wonderland), Krugmanian Wow Factor, Krugmanian Competitiveness (alt. Krugmanian Obfuscation), Krugmanian Vice, Krugmanian Shell Game, Anti-Austerity Krugmanite, Vulgar KeynesianismKrugmanian Wet Dream, Krugmanian String Theory and Krugman Borderline Hysteria Disorder.
  • “The Mess” A highly toxic concentration of human thought and action, usually chaotic in outward appearance, but displaying deeper hive-like organizing principles and capable of erecting shockingly massive quantities of concrete, steel, and paper as protective barriers against both the natural environment and individual human initiative.    
  • “Rope & Chains” – An expression of druidic origin, typically used to ward off evil spirits that were believed to plague the weakest members of the clan with extravagant, but empty, promises, circular logic, and, worst of all, preposterous platitudes.  Legend has it that the phrase was intended as a “reverse hex” that would both render the spirit powerless and frighten it in to hiding
  • “Sir Mises” – The title awarded to members of a select order of the warrior-philosopher class.  Successful candidates typically must exhibit advanced intuitive skills, archaicly referred to as “common sense”; but, are also expected to exemplify the highest standards in their defense of true and time-tested principles.    
  • “A Real Zombie” – Typically this refers to the spiritually, intellectually, politically, economically, or morally (not – generally speaking – physically) undead.  Will tend to exhibit a morbid pre-occupation with the fervent, collective resuscitation of long-dead or, even, inanimate objects, concepts, and beliefs.  See this list for common warning signs. 
  • “Going to the Superdome” – a) What the grasshopper typically does as soon as he runs out of food and/or dry socks; b) a popular hangout for “sheeple”, otherwise known as the “emerging refugee class”; c) a classic behavioral science experiment whereby Darwinian principles are routinely tested for purposes of establishing scientific repeatability; d) the fulfillment of all our expectations when hearing the words:  “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”; e) synonomous with the phrase “from the frying pan to the fire”; f) a useful metaphor for anyone actually choosing to live in “the mess” (see above), and  g) a reminder of Franklin’s warning regarding the consequences of trading of liberty for security.  All we can add is:  Don’t Go There.  
  • “Strong Coffee” – a) A dose of something that helps prevent untimely attacks of political, economic, or spiritual narcolepsy, b) A substance that, when ingested, is reputed to reveal deficiencies of character in the form of crying, whining, and whimpering, c) A not-so-genteel alternative to “tea”, “milk of magnesia”, bottled water, or other enviro-friendly, filtered, enriched, water substitutes.
  • “Cowboy Up”  – The demonstration of, among other talents, the ability to simplify the supposed complexity of the world into two separate and distinct paths, often signified with either a terse “yep” or “nope” immediately before taking direct action, such as stepping off to the side rather than directly into the still steaming cowpie. 
  • “Going Galt” – A more conservative and (thus) mature variation on the old hippy theme of “tune in, turn on, drop out”.  Contrary to a growing misperception, “going Galt” does not involve a principled refusal to take out the trash, the daily wearing of velour track suits, or signing up for food stamps.  It may, on the other hand, allow for the application of advanced physics while engaged in sidewalk busking, the development of new backyard chicken hybrid varieties, or (more rarely) therapeutic blogging.

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