Bulk Food Resources

These will be reviewed and updated as time allows, with the most recently reviewed or recommended being placed nearer the top of the list. 

~ Before you buy, learn about how to plan your long-term food storage needs.  One of the best resources available:  Making the Best of Basics, highly recommended. 

~ Believe it nor not, there’s more great nutitional advice  – along with other info – in this (free) “old standard”:  Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny.  Seriously, the food sections are really useful.

~ Also see ARL’s inventory/shopping lists (a work in progress).  Many of the following sites also include great planning information on what you should store and how you should do it.  Looks like we need a good comparative analysis of pre-packaged kits….check back. 

~ Note:  Bulk foods can be quite heavy and, as such, shipping costs can be a big part of the cost.  Direct pick-up from local providers may offer substantial savings.  In any regard, the location of the provider may be an important part of your choice……

Long-Term Storage – Bulk Food Suppliers List:

  • internet-grocer.net – These folks appear to have really good prices (so far) and it’s hard not to love their general demeaner and philosophy.  Canned meats, cheese, and butter available along with grains, Mountain House dehydrated foods, water filtration, grain mills, and non-hybrid seeds.  Note:  USP shipping from Texas can be pretty expensive for more distant customers, like those of us in the PNW.  Example:  The attractive price for a 50# bag of hard red wheat is only $15.25….the shipping to the Olympic Penninsula is quoted at $53.54, total cost = $68.79.   
  • waltonfeed.com – Another “full-service” supplier and, perhaps, the largest and most well-known purveyor of long-term storage foods.  Prices are reasonable (similar to above) and the offerings are fairly extensive.  Located in Idaho, so shipping in the PNW is reduced.  Example:  50# hard red wheat currently (1/11) priced at $13.05, shipping at $26.66, total cost = $39.71.
  • azurestandard.com – Lots of interesting, unique, and gourmet offerings, mostly organic and has a good selection of bulk…unfortunately, past experience has demonstrated that they aren’t always able to ship everything listed in the catalog.  This company is located in Oregon and provides it’s own truck shipping on selected routes, provided at no charge for orders over $550.  The company can help you find a local buying club to group your orders with and utilize this option.  UPS shipping, of course, is also available.  Pricing example:  50# hard red wheat is currently priced at $24.85, which would be the total cost is you can utilize the free shipping option.
  • survivalacres.com – Provides comparisons that show their prices are lowest of these top suppliers.  Offerings include typical bulk items along with Rainy Day Foods (as with Walton above), Mountain House, Alpine Air, etc.  Their pre-packaged kits are worth looking at.  Still need to evaluate their shipping costs.
  • freezedryguy.com – Mountain House specialty.  Will be comparing their prices to the above. 
  • healthyharvest.com – Mostly pre-packaged “food storage units”…will be evaluating. 
  • efoodsdirect.com  – Pretty much only pre-paks…I don’t know, the site is almost too slick for my tastes, but we’ll evaluate the product offerings further.
  • bulkwholefoods.com – Straight-up bulk whole foods by the pound, like the name says.  You might also call it “simply staples”.  Nice site, prices seem fair for all organics. 
  • Bob’s Red Mill –
  • The LDS Church’s Family Home Storage program.  Really good prices if you can pick up at a local canning center.  Access may or may not be limited to LDS members, depending on local policy.  Call the local center for confirmation.

Standard “Commercial” Bulk Food Suppliers

  • bulkfoods.com – Purely bulk foods…of all types:  grains, beans, chocolate, candy… did I say chocolate?  Mainstream commercial bulk, not specialized or focussed for the long-term storage plan, but generally equivalent and competitive. 
  • foodservicedirect.com –
  • dutchvalleyfoods.com –


More Specialized Suppliers


Storage Supplies


General Preparedness Supplies (including more limited food selections)


Still being evaluated….


Other – Articles & Misc. Resources


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