Welcome to ARL

OK, as might be obvious to past visitors, I’ve scaled things back here for the time being.  This change mostly reflects a change in my own priorities, but also a bit of time needed for reflection on the purpose of this blog.

Originally, one purpose was to simply provide a place to organize certain resources that I was finding useful and interesting in my own life, a function that I think I’d like to preserve.  What has gotten a bit more tiring is the following and commenting on current events.  There is a point where these matters are either obvious to like-minded folks or they are simply irrelevant.  (Anyone who might be curious about what I mean can read this article.)

In the meantime, its time to advance the cause of my own reasonable life.  I’ll try to improve things here, which is likely to include both taking out the trash, so to speak, and some new additions.  Thanks for visiting. – HT


2 responses to “Welcome to ARL

  1. The plumber lives. You are down to #5 on “Best Revolvers”. New biography of HDW just out.

  2. Hey Harry. After noticing that you hadn’t posted since Jan 18, I began to wonder what was up with you. It’s nice to know you are around. I check your site now and then just to see what’s up and access some of the info you’ve posted here. Tanks

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