The Cognitive Dissonance Hall of Fame

Dredging the shallows of human thought in our modern world.

  1. From the “Libertarian Socialist“:     “I’ll just have to keep moving around (to avoid onerous regulation of his particular lifestyle).” and “I have a casual fondness for socialism.”  Hmmmm.   OK, I guess that collectivist interference is best that only interferes with other people’s lives.
  2. From the “Profiteering Socialist“:  I think he (Obama) does know what needs to be done, but doesn’t have the balls to do it.” and “Of course it (Obama’s policies) will destroy the economy and the dollar, that’s why I’m buying all the gold and silver I can.“  And, here, it seems that if you approach socialism like George Soros (aka “the Bolshevik Billionaire”) does and can make a buck (or a billion bucks) in the process, well, now, ”hey, that’s my kind of socialism”.
  3. From the “Business-Savvy Socialist“:   “All they (the evil capitalists) care about it making money.” and “All those rich Republicans refuse to invest their money just to make sure that Obama fails.“  This from a fellow that makes his own living selling his services to rich people.  Alas, the evil capitalists of the world appear to be trapped in the paradox of their own robotic programming:  “Must make a profit.”  “Must ensure that Obama fails, even if I don’t make a profit.”  Oh, oh, oh, what to do?  “Must self-destruct.”
  4. From the “Spiritual Atheist”:  “Even if there is no such thing as a literal God, there must still a way to logically support our desire to make value judgements.”  Enjoy mental and spiritual gymnastics?  Join up here or here.  It’s really possible to feel good about yourself and, yes, even to judge others, so long as it’s in the name of a better world! Yipee!
  5. From the Anarcho-Fundamentalist”:  “I could argue the complete opposite.  As an anarchist, that’s exactly what I do….”  Uh-huh.  I know.  It’s a particularly useful, entertaining, and time-consuming aid to one’s internal dialogue.  “You know I’m right…”  Crap, here we go again.
  6. From the “Genius-Party-of-One”:   “Dude, you, like most, are on the wrong side of the Downing Effect.”  Tiresome and frustrating, I’m sure, always, always, always being on “the right side of the Downing Effect”.  More than just a bit ironic, when you actually stop and think about it.  (Downing Effect – the tendency of people with a below average intelligence quotient (IQ) to overestimate their intelligence.)

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