Useful Lists

I don’t know about you, but making lists can be a very useful way of focussing the mind, if nothing else.  Here are a few examples.  Feel free to suggest ideas for others.  See links at the bottom for other resources. 

Note:  Many of the specialized websites referenced here for such items as long-term storage foods, preparedness, etc., provide a variety of really good lists.  Rather than replicate them here, see the referenced links. 

  • A Great Compendium of Lists:  The Big List (at
  • The Ten Essentials– The classic list of minimum gear for all off-road outings.  Feel free to augment and improvise as needed. 
    1. Map
    2. Compass
    3. Flashlight
    4. Sunglasses
    5. Extra Food & Water
    6. Extra Clothing
    7. Waterproof Matches
    8. Fire Starter
    9. Pocket Knife
    10. First Aid Kit



  • Food Stores  (See more links here.)


  • First Aid


  • “Bug-Out Bags” (BOBs) or “Get Out of Dodge” (GOOD) Kits or “I’m Not Coming Home” (INCH) Lists
    • The Car Kit


  • Tools & Spares


  • Shooting Supplies



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