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Tell us what you’re thinking……Guest contributions and/or suggestions are welcomed.

Contribution Guidelines

Guest post contributions are encouraged and will be accepted based on the following considerations:

  1. Content Relevance – Lots of room here, really, but try to connect to some of the themes presented here.  Read “About ARL” or past articles for guidance.
  2. Writing Style – Don’t get personal.  Serious is fine, but wry wit is always appreciated. 
  3. Attribution – Please provide links or other attribution for quotes or referenced people, events, and/or arcane topics.
  4. Editing & Approval – Your posts will be reviewed for accuracy, appropriate language or content, and length.  Posts will appear only after review and editing.
  5. Submission – Short posts may be submitted directly in the Contact Us form.  Please provide links for attribution.  Longer articles with pictures or video content will require approved contributor status, which can be requested using the Contact Us form. 


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