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To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy. – Sun Tzu


~ Websites We Track~

  • US DEBT CLOCK – as cool as it is depressing.
  • ZERO HEDGE – Alternative technical insight into daily stock market action. 
  • David Rosenberg – One of the best economic voices available today.  May be subscribed to directly from Gluskin Sheff, or you can track exerpts from his articles here, courtesy of Zero Hedge.
  • ShadowStats – How high is the unemployment rate?  Really? Check it out.
  • The Daily Reckoning – Great and useful commentary.  Note:  The one and only Mogambo Guru is back.  “Wee, this investing stuff is easy!!”  Read him at the Daily Reckoning or here at
  • The Daily Bell – “A daily compendium of free market thinking.”  On point current events analysis from a remnant of free-marketeers in Switzerland. 
  • EuroPacific Capital – “Because there’s a bull market somewhere.”  Great commentary by Peter Schiff and others.
  • GATA – Keep tabs on trends in the gold and precious metals market.  Current and historical pricing data can be had at Kitco.
  • Dave Ramsey  – Mostly reasonable financial planning advice, although I do take issue with his notion that gold is a bad “investment”, as that’s not it’s purpose.  Personally, I like to think of it as “monetary insurance”.
  • John Rutledge – Great insight into the way government policy can be expected to affect the economy and the markets.  I am particularly intrigued with his notion of thermo-economic shifts in the market.
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