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Should I Refuse My Tax Refund?

Should I refuse to accept my tax “refund”, yes or no?

It is not really a refund.  Since I have children, I get the Earned Income Credit.  Free money.

Harry Dexter White suggested that I take my refund and then give it to the richest person I know, since the money is coming from the taxes that rich people pay.  This is a novel idea.  Do you have a better one?

You may think I am joking, but I am genuinely having a little moral dilemma here.  I can use the money.  There is no one who can’t use the money.  But should I use it? (I am constantly asking myself what I should do.)  I’ve taken the refund before, but after a certain number of conversations with Mr. Harry Tuttle, I have begun to feel a bit like a leech for doing so. (Not that Mr. Tuttle called me a leech.) Continue reading