A Few Stray Thoughts on Current Events and the Knee-Jerk Impulse for Gun Control

With the spate of “mass shootings”, whether or not officially designated as terrorism, I can see by this site’s traffic counter, that concern for self-defense (and gun control) is once again on the rise. I’m not altogether certain that my “spin” on these issues will change anyone’s mind – most being staunchly in one camp or another. But, for the mere sake of veritas, I’m inclined to add these few nuggets for consideration.

1. Mass shootings (and suicide by gun) notwithstanding, the vast majority of gun crime in the US is related to gang/drug cartel activity. Remove these statistics and the USA compares favorably with the rest of the world’s gun violence stats.

2. Suicide stats (by gun or other method) is not, so far as I know, appreciably higher in the US, some places higher or lower. We’re in the upper middle of the pack and it would be hard to consider that our “gun culture” has facilitated our position, above any other consideration, such as general values and/or mental health.

3. Mass shootings, in my opinion, whether associated with intentional “terrorism” or not, are indicative of rather deep moral/mental psychosis. The popular culture in the US can, in my opinion, be expected to facilitate such derangement, to the extent that we’ve progressively abandoned the traditional values that, more often than not, keep hopelessness and despair in abeyance. Any exchange of such values for the selfish, childish, value-neutral popular culture can, with reasonable precision, foster – on the margin – a rising percentage of psychopaths, some of whom will act out, sometimes aided by their medications. That guns are reasonably available here, will, of course, make such events more likely and *spectacular*.

4. Terrorism is part and parcel of the above-noted derangement syndrome, even when associated with Islam. Values matter, ideas matter. Pick yours with care.

5. Political solutions, i.e. those offered by *politicians*, are guaranteed to give folks a false sense of security. The Federal government should have, as it’s core mission, dealing with *existential* threats, ahhh, be they “foreign or domestic“. In a world in which FDR or JFK would appear conservative, I hold very little hope. As oft stated here, the progressive mindset is, for us, a singular example of the derangement culture. It doesn’t stay the same, it progresses.

6. You and yours are on your own. Do with that what you will.



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