What’s in Your EDC?

Some “prepper” I turn out to be.  Until this morning, I had no clue what an “EDC” was.  Well, I was familiar with the concept, just not this particular acronym.  The following hilarious video (h/t to our dear Mr. White) prompted an inquiry into the subject (aka “googled it).

Note:  Do check out this guy’s other videos.  Too much fun.   I’ll probably feature a few more in the future.

Anyone who’s spent a lot of time outdoors or on the trail already should be familiar with “the 10 essentials“.  Still, I quite like the somewhat more generic and adaptable concept of the EDC or “Every Day Carry“.

What’s in my EDC?  Well, as noted above, the concept is or, perhaps, should be adaptable to your circumstances.  My core items tend to include:  1) My trusty Kershaw damascus spring assisted scallion knife (always, everywhere except on an airplane these days), 2) money, 3) hat, 4) jacket, 5) gloves, 6) food, 7) lighter, 8) good shoes/boots, 9) glasses – reading and/or sun, 10) phone, more rarely, 11) LED flashlight.

All, as needed or dictated by weather and circumstance.  I often don’t carry a phone, for instance, when I’m close to home.  No pistola?  Sort of depends, again on circumstance.  Also, I really need to find a good replacement for my old PPK, then we’ll see.

So, what’s in your EDC?


PS – here are a couple of EDC related websites




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