Clowns to the Left of Me…

Jokers to the right.

And, what remains for any of us to do about it?  Really.  How many plates and chain saws can you juggle?  Oh, and could you dance a jig too?

Personally, I’m just having a hard enough time figuring out how to make a free and honest living, put real food on the table, and heat my little house in ways that aren’t all utterly controlled by the very same geniuses who, apparently, seem think they can and should make us do anything that pops into their tiny little brains.

Work permits?  Obamacare?  Fiscal Cliff?  Mountains of Debt? A Thousand Million Different Taxes and Regulations?  Too Big To Fail?  Drone Kill Lists?  Unremitting Surveillance?  Library Watch Lists?  Shoe Bomb Checks?   No-Fly Lists?  Terrorists Everywhere?  Carbon Taxes?  Fat Taxes?  Negative Taxes?  Negative Interest Rates?  Gun Control?  Lightbulb Control?  Soda Control?

Where does it end?  I mean, come on now, does anyone really believe that ANY of this is doing anything but making us dance faster and harder?

Are you ready for Travel Permits?  Loyalty Oaths?  Mandatory Mental Health Checks?  Good Citizen Tax Credits?   Approved Reading Lists?  Approved Church Lists?  Personal Diet Plans?  Gardening Permits?  Minimum Home Occupancy Requirements?  Car Ownership Permits?  Asset Taxes?  Hate Taxes?  Re-Education “Opportunities”?  Permanent Employment Camps anyone?



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