Beans, Bullets & Bandaids

So, it emerges that Nancy Lanza, mother of the Newtown shooter, was a “prepper”.  Aha!  Add to this, the Chinese crackdown on so-called “doomsday cults”, with apparent linkage to (another) school rampage by a deranged (but much safer) knife-wielding lunatic.

(Why, it almost seems that NASA’s debunking of the Mayan “prophesy” has been rather ineffective….and now here we sit with “only four more days” to go.)

But, at least now we can be confident that President Obama’s latest “5-Point Action Plan” will surely help to keep us safe from such lunatics…primarily those who might doubt the government’s ability to contain such madness.  Do you doubt???  Uh oh….that, my friend is a clear warning sign.  Why doubt, when, our habit of relying on such bandaids is so successful.

So, “preppers”….how do you prepare against insanity?  You know, the kind that may well be germinating in your own children’s bedroom (or classroom), not to mention that particularly virulent strain blooming on the national stage?  I could tell you, but even admitting that I’ve thought about it…well, it seems that’s about to become a crime (or, at least, a diagnosis).

Your “wealth” (even that extra can of beans you might be hoarding) is merely evidence of your selfishness, not to mention, of course, your paranoia.  Add some bullets and, well, there you go proving the thesis.  But, don’t worry, your ever-helpful and effective government is here with lots of bandaids and pills for us.  They might even kiss your boo-boo for you.

– HT

“Everything you add to the truth subtracts from the truth.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


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