So, Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons

Watching the latest gun control kerfuffle, this time starring Bob Costas and Bill O’Reilly, I can’t help but imagine two chimps with machetes discussing surgery.  Sorry, but two wealthy east-coast “bloviaters” in suits (and hired security) really have nothing useful to add to this discussion.  When these guys purport to “defend the 2nd Amendment”, you know just how goofy the world has become.

It should go without saying, but (as others, in fact, have said), “the 2nd Amendment is the one that protects all the other amendments“.  I’d like to add the rather obvious observation that the 2nd Amendment is completely and utterly meaningless without the guns themselves.  What do you think protects the 2nd Amendment?  The courts?  Bill O’Reilly?

Oh, and thanks Chuck.  Odd as it might seem, you at least make sense.


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