Useful Words of the Day – Antonyms for “Disenfranchise”

citizenize, emancipate, empower, free, give rights to, grant citizenship to, liberate, manumit, naturalize, release, affranchise, deliver, discharge, disencumber, disenthral, enfranchise, liberate, loose, loosen, unbind, unchain, unfetter, unshackle, accredit, allow, capacitate, charge, commission, delegate, entitle, entrust, grant, invest, legitimize, license, okay, permit, privilege, qualify, sanction, vest, warrant, bail one out, deliver, detach, discharge, disembarrass, free, free up, get out from under, let loose, let out, loose, loosen,  redeem, release, rescue, save, save one’s neck, set free, absolution, acquittal, acquittance, charge, clemency, commute, deliverance, discharge, emancipation, exemption, exoneration, floater, freedom, freeing, let-off, liberation, liberty, lifeboat, lifesaver, manumission, relief, spring, turnout, walkout.


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