Speaking of Which, I Really Miss the USSR

Seriously.  But, I don’t mean the overt threats, the super-secretive cold-war surveillence operations, montrous black-bag spending, computers big as a house and chock full of code words, skys black with B-52s, and words like DEFCON.

OK, on second thought, some of it was rather cool….like Spy vs. Spy and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Anyway, after checking in on The Adaptive Curmudgeon (as featured in my last post and now, here, again), I ran across this “internal dialogue prompted by one of the recent Presidential Debates:

Remember the old days when Russia was the indisputable demonstration of socialist totalitarian evil? A source of James Bond villains, guys to fight Rocky, and nincompoop spies who try to blow up flying squirrels? This shared cultural reference kept our National mind out of the gutter.  It seemed silly to flush our thriving capitalist economy down the crapper when Russia was intent on vaporizing Baltimore.

Remember Nikita Khrushchev pounding tables with his shoe and shouting that some schmuck in the UN is “a jerk, a stooge, and a lackey” and a “toady of American imperialism”?  They just don’t make them like that anymore.  It gave a clarity to things.  (Vladimir Putin tries.  He’s practically Darth Vader.  But Russia no longer resembles Modor so he can’t carry on the full tradition.  Give the guy a break.)

Now it’s different.  America is actively trying to emulate the EU while it burns.  Were modeling our economy after a place that formerly had shortages of toilet paper. Even the Chinese embraced capitalism.  Now those bastards own us!  How did we become the jockey that won the horse race and decided to kneecap his mount?

So, yeah, that’s why I miss the USSR.  I think he said it rather well.  Though Russia is still a deeply dangerous entity, IMHO, their overtly evil nature provided a guide post for us, helping to remind us why our freedom was so precious.



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