Dear Brother – About Last Night’s Debate

Note:  I’d tried earlier to formulate and post my response to last night’s debate and couldn’t manage until my brother sent an email asking for my opinion.  Somehow, his inquiry (as it often does) triggered a response. – HT

Dear Brother –

Regarding the debate….unfortunately, as I told Mrs. T at one point, “I feel sick to my stomach”.

Not surprisingly, something north of 50% of the blame for this feeling I do put on Obama and his ilk, but Romney left me queasy too….largely as a result of his own inability to explain the principles underlying his own Massachusetts’s record.  It seems rather likely that these principles aren’t all that expedient in this current election.

When political combat devolves to the point where both candidates are merely exploiting their opponent’s lack of honesty, I’m less than impressed.  So, no, Romney was no more capable of explaining his support of an assault weapon ban (or Romney-care, for that matter) than Obama was regarding his latest appalling foreign policy failings in Libya.

On top of it all, of course, there’s the fact (or my opinion of the fact) that nobody is either willing or able to honestly address the financial problem (*note:  see yesterday’s post*).  Or, that nobody is willing or able to honestly address the real reasons behind the worsening wealth disparity in the US.  Or why the stock market is rigged.  Or why so many in government are pandering to and purposefully breeding a dependency culture.

Such as why a “disabled”, recovering, out-of-work, alcoholic neighbor of mine is right now building a brand new shop using materials supplied by the government (along with his last two lap-top computers, last college degree, last professional certification, and, of course,  his monthly disability check – one that he easily and ocassional augments by actually working – for cash – over the past several years.)

Or that there is a direct correlation between the size of government, its costs, and the amount of freedom that we as a people have lost.

Mitt Romney is, after all is said and done, a decent enough man. (Or, rather, I’m no better in a great many ways.)   He’s also, I think, a more appropriate choice than Obama.  But, that doesn’t mean that we probably need much more than that.



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