Which TV Streaming Device Should You Buy? | Money Talks News

It seems the day is fast approaching….not exactly life without TV, but a very modern equivalent, perhaps.  There was a time when I (periodically at least) would rebel against having a “boob-tube” in my house, which tended to be a surprisingly positive experience….as several of my “more reasonable” friends continue to remind me.

Well, it does seem as streaming video technology is advanced enough for those of us who have been idling on the fence to make a move away from traditional media….here’s one article that I’ve considered in my own research.  At the moment, its looking like Roku for us too. – HT

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If you’re considering ditching cable to stream content from the cloud, you’re certainly not alone. An estimated 143 million people watch TV on the Internet, according to a Nielsen study. While 288 million viewers still prefer the traditional TV, the study suggests more viewers are choosing Internet TV over time-shifted TV (recorded) or TV on a mobile phone.

I dropped cable and switched to streaming last year after realizing that my $65-a-month subscription added up to $3,780 dollars over the previous five years. Since then, I’ve been watching TV on my laptop, but it just isn’t the same as a big screen. So last month, I started comparing streaming devices.

I researched four streaming devices: The Roku LT, the third-generation Apple TV, the Boxee Box, and Google TV. After comparing spec sheets and pricing, sifting through dozens of reviews, and tapping experts for opinions, I chose a winner. But first, here’s a quick roundup…

via Which TV Streaming Device Should You Buy? | Money Talks News.


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