charles hugh smith-Health is Wealth: Prevention, Fitness and Strength

Health is Wealth: Prevention, Fitness and Strength

(August 1, 2012)

Today we start a multi-day series on improving health via prevention, fitness and strength. Longtime readers know that I consider health (physical and mental) the key attribute of wealth and prosperity. Without health, then what good is your other “wealth”?

Readers also know that I consider “a healthy home-cooked meal a revolutionary act” because the Status Quo encourages chronic disease and ill-health. Why? 1) managing these conditions is immensely and enduringly profitable to the sickcare cartels and 2) weak, sickly, drugged-out citizens are easily manipulated politically and are too overwhelmed by their multiple chronic health issues to actively challenge the Status Quo.

I know that this sounds inflammatory to many of you, but for whatever reason has attracted a very large readership of physicians, nurses and other caregivers, and the people who work in the trenches of the sickcare system are inevitably supportive of these “inflammatory” summations.

Sickcare is not sustainable financially, and so it will devolve and collapse, along with other unsustainable systems. I expect healthcare to slowly revert to cash-only if you want immediate care, with all other care becoming increasingly unavailable.

Therefore prevention will be the key to well-being going forward, not hyper-expensive care that costs $100,000 for a few days of treatment.

In all my diverse reading about the science of human health, a few “obvious” things pop out.

1) Humans have a remarkable ability to prosper on a variety of real foods.
2) Processed foods are associated with “modern” diseases.
3) Chronic inactivity, stress and a diet of processed foods are associated with chronic inflammation.
4) Chronic inflammation is associated with a number of chronic diseases.
5) The only “miracle drug” is regular exercise combined with sleep, which is associated with exercise, good nutrition and stress reduction.
6) The mind and body are one. Mental health and physical health are related.

We cannot stave off all disease, of course, and many of us will need surgery or other major intervention regardless of our diet and fitness levels, but the point is that fitness and a common-sense diet of real, unprocessed foods make up about 2/3 of our “health metric” with genetics and the environment contributing perhaps a third.

The 80/20 rule may apply here (Pareto Distribution): achieving 20% of what’s possible may reap 80% of the gain. For example, being able to jog 2 miles may reap 80% of the gain, while running 10 miles yields a diminishing health return and may even damage older runners.

This is of course inexact, but that’s the rough proportions.

Increasing strength may provide an example of this:%


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