The Shaming Of The True

I helped out at a benefit concert this weekend and was only mildly appalled at the shameless schtick and semi-slick packaging that the mainline entertainment presented.  I’ve seen better.  By that, I mean both:  “I’ve seen better packaging” and “I’ve seen better – more authentic – entertainment“.

But, for me, it was just a bit too much like a walk-through the average grocery store, strip mall, fast food joint, and over-produced CGI movie….once again now, James Holmes and his special Dark Knight performance comes to mind.  To a fault, all are increasingly surreal (having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic).

For the past 150 years or so, various existentialists/relativists have been doing battle with the nature (and mere existence) of objective truth.  Now, I think they’ve won.  Kierkegaard would be very proud, I’m sure…but, hey, that’s probably just my unique and personal experience speaking.

Of course, they’ve been right about one thing:  each of us does have a unique and personal and inherently imperfect perception of what is true…but, that in no way could rationally prove that such a thing does not exist.  Our ability to grasp it, however, will tend to be hindered by our expectation and earnest seeking of it.  You’re not going to bother looking for something you’re sure doesn’t exist.

James Holmes, for instance, might have merely been trying to add a bit more drama to what, I’m certain, was already a surreal life.  Perhaps his drama will lead others among us that recall that some “truths” are, after all, immutable.

Is your life leaning a bit too far toward the “virtual”?  I sincerely hope not.

With apologies to Kevin Gilbert, I’ll merely borrow his clever and poetic words:

The curtain parts again
Revealing politicians and thieves
The champions of nothing
We perform in a silhouette
Lit from behind by blinding sheets of light
In the halo of nothing
The show was second hand
Derived from what we thought you’d need to see
The story of nothing
But everyone was entertained
And no one could remember how it was
Before there was nothing

–  HT


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