Forgotten Food Rules #1: Don’t Eat People

I’d really appreciated Brandon Smith’s poignant, insightful, and artistic perspectives at his old “nethercorp” site, now sadly defunct.  Today, at, he continues to do fine work, with this recent article being but one example.  Framed as “Lost Principles And Social Destruction“, Brandon reminds us of the many precursors to the downfall of great civilizations, cannabalism being but one.

For anyone who really cares about their food, this past couple of weeks was a tough one, especially if you’ve been a champion of meat.  OK then, as a recently converted champion of grass-fed and pasture raised meat, that “Pink Slime” doesn’t affect me in the least….at least not anymore.

And, for the the record, I’d never eat people either.  Never. I mean, even if they are using fetal tissue to test food additives, it’s not really in the food and, I mean, it’s not really people.  Not really.  I mean, come on.  Fortunately, I don’t really eat any processed foods….at least not anymore.

I’m just relieved to know that we’d never stoop so low as to extend the same thinking and moral standards that we apply to fetal tissue to actual living and breathing human babies…..oh crap.

So, how’s the weather?



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