News Flash: Jeffrey Tucker is a Meliorist

And, now, worlds collide:  It turns out that the Great Anti-Distributist is, in fact, a True-Believer Meliorist.  Why, I already like him, but this Jeffrey Tucker fellow just gets more interesting and enigmatic all the time, doesn’t he?  He might just convince me on this particular subject and, consequently, help to improve my batting (or, rather, my betting) average.

So, Tucker, on the subject of change – a topic that I think we should spend a little more attention to in the near future: 

Again, ask the question: What is causing all of this amazing change? What is the driving force, the source of the manna, the wellspring of all this avalanche of human progress?

I’ll tell you what is not causing it: politics. It’s the great lie, the most-gigantic drain of valuable human energy ever conjured up in the mind of man. What is politics but a grand argument about how we should rule each other?

Right on JT, just keep telling us like it is. – HT


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