Eating Paula Deen


Blood is in the water and the sharks are hungry.  It seems that Paula Deen, the so-called “Queen of Southern Cuisine“, has Type 2 diabetes.  Moreover, she says that she has no intention of changing her style of cooking.  And, though she’s suffered the disease for more than three years, her recent admission was timed as part of an announced partnership with diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk. 

Unsurprisingly, her many critics have gotten a little “hepped up“, as Homer Simpson might say, regarding her “hypocracy”.  Personally, I might be inclined to join into this feeding frenzy, if for no other reason than the fact that I’ve never really cared for Deen’s cheesy take on southern personality, let alone her cooking.   

But, I’m only joining in here now because of the vastly ignorant take on the subject of her diabetes and of diabetes more generally.  Two examples:  Chef Paula Deen hid diabetes, pushed high-fat food and TV chef Paula Deen touts diabetes drug along with high-fat Southern cooking.  And those are just the one’s shouting their dietary ignorance in the headlines.  Countless others didn’t lead with the high-fat-myth, but nonetheless featured it prominently in the body of the article. 

A very few others had a somewhat wider view, the best of which:  No Proof Paula Deen’s High-Fat Southern Cooking Caused Her Diabetes and The Trouble With Paula Deen’s Diabetes Announcement Isn’t the Food and Diabetics call Paula Deen a hypocrite for hiding disease while promoting sugar-heavy foods.

But, with some of the more insightful critics, I would have to agree regarding the absurdity of taking a drug in order to, more-or-less, continue to live and eat in whatever way that led to the disease in the first place (ignoring potential genetic predispositions, of course.)  That, just as much as dietary ignorance, is what is killing so many and costing so much. 

As for Paula’s signature dish depicted above, ditch the donuts and add a salad.  – HT




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