Thela Hun Ginjeet: The Return To Planet Paul

I couldn’t even see his face.
I couldn’t see his face.
He was holding a gun in his hand.
Umm… I was thinking…
This is a dangerous place..
This is a dangerous place..

Thela hun ginjeet thela hun ginjeet
Qua tari mei thela hun ginjeet
Qua tari mei heat in the jungle street

So, the list of good counselors in support of the enigmatic Mr. Paul grows.  On one level, this is a very good thing – it means I’m surrounded by those that really care about liberty.  That, of course, gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  And anyone who’s really following the GOP race should understand that Paul is the only candidate that seems to really care about: 

  1. The primary purpose of the Constitution – hint:  it doesn’t have a thing to do with wealth redistribution or health care or social security.
  2. The dangers to liberty posed by the creeping security state.
  3. The real and imminent threats to our economic wellbeing posed by profligate spending and money printing. 

So, all that is to the good.  As anyone who’s been following this discussion knows, however, that my concerns with Paul are centered on what I believe is his myopic and (I’m going to coin a new term here) “ethopomorphic” view of Islamo-fascists. 

Now, there is little doubt in my mind that many, if not most, innocent bystanders and other victims of the collateral damages resulting from a fanatical (and, I believe, intended and fundamental) interpretation of Islamic Jihad are quite motivated in their hatred for any and all opposition to their theocratic and, incidentally, genocidal goals.  To which, I still respond, “so what” and “big deal”.  You don’t expect them to simply acknowledge the error of their ways, do you?  I don’t.

But, wait, Mr. Paul,  along with his more passionate followers, apparently believes they are, in their heart of hearts, really just like your average Texan, simply defending their homeland, rightfully indignant that a bully-state, such as the US, would have the gall and temerity to invade them.  Of course, this belief requires – is utterly dependent on – the application of moral equivalency to and, thus, justification for their goals, aggression, and methods.

I may be in a distinct minority (here) when I continue to suggest that this is simple lunacy, sorry.  I was actually tempted to title this post “War, what is it good for?” (along with another appropriate video), but didn’t want to waste even more effort arguing against such propaganda, however entertaining. 

The point, which seems to elude so many, is the simple and, I believe, self-evident truth that there will always, always, always be those who are quite motivated to destroy the “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” of others.  (Ask me why, and I’ll be happy to expound on that one too, of course.)

But, wait, let’s see, where have I heard those particular words before?  Oh, yeah, right there at the beginning of our, presumably revered, Declaration of Independence.  That might inform us – just a little – about the world view of our nation’s founders and, perhaps, a basic context for the principles framing the Constitution itself. 

If Paul truly takes any of that as seriously as his followers seem to believe, one might then reasonably expect him to spend a little more energy talking about the reality of good and evil in this world and the risks posed by them, even if they happen to lie outside the halls of the Federal Reserve or our government. 

War?  War is one of the unfortunate things you do when the risks of doing nothing are greater than the costs of doing something very unpleasant.  We might spend a little more time on this subject in the near future, but – for those that don’t understand it – billions of lives are at stake on this very issue. 

There is little doubt that we ought to be proactively developing more, cheaper, and alternative energy resources.  But, in the meantime, the genocidal, anti-semitic obsession held by a significant share of oil-producing nations on this planet guarantee us this future choice: 

  1. Allow a very nasty war to break out in the Middle East by forcing Israel to fend for itself, which will absolutely and unquestionably imperil the world’s supply of oil,  utterly decimate global agricultural production and general economic welfare, and result in mass starvation of the poor around the world….not to mention probably having to participate in one way or another that bigger conflict, or
  2. Take on the often unpleasant and costly task of helping to defend a beleaguered friend and, thus, attracting the attention of their foes.

You are free to disagree, as many do, but as I’ve stated in the past, “no, the Russian’s didn’t love their children too” or, at least, many millions of them.  And, neither do these cretins.  They are motivated by hatred.  Lending them the sort of moral equivalency that Paul continually engages in does us no good service and is likely to work about as well as the incantation of some magic mumbo-jumbo. 

I’ll close with this final reminder about our ability to “see through the glass darkly”:  you never hear the shot that kills you.  For good or ill, some large portion of this stuff is well out our hands and, in that sense, maybe it doesn’t really matter who we elect. 


*For those who might be interested, Thela Hun Ginjeet is simply an anagram for “heat of the jungle”.   As to the line “Qua tari mei“, according to a revered African legend, if you chant this phrase over and over while several nasty- looking Rastas are preparing to skewer you, the Rastas will be moved to return your sacred Sony tape recorder to you unharmed…alternatively, the phrase may be a corruption of the ancient Sanskrit term “quarterly”. According to legend this phrase was so powerful it was used to ward off quarter-tone tuning discrepancies before live t.v. performances such as The Old Grey Whistle Stop. The ancient ones later abandoned this belief with their discovery of the bronze God Kahler” (pronounced K’-la) who promised “eternal intonation”.

**Also, it could just be my imagination, but it surely seems that our Mr. White shares a passing resemblance to Adrian Belew in the above video.  I’d have to see him in parachute pants with a sash to be sure.


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