Tying Up Loose Threads

See, I’m already starting a brand new metaphor….we’ll just see if I can stick with it.  Here are a few of the threads I’m trying to “tie up” at the moment:

  1. As noted in my last post, issues of capital flight, bank solvency, and general market liquidity are near to coming unraveled in a manner reminiscent of and probably much, much worse than we witnessed in 2008.
  2. As touched on in this recent post, which references the latest CNBC interview with Kyle Bass, and various other sources, such as the latest Thunder Road Report, the market’s perception of an uncontrollable and unfixable crisis is growing at an increasing pace.
  3. This article from the Daily Mail (with a h/t to our Mr. White for the reference), which discusses IMF head Christine LeGarde’s recent (and barely covered) apocalyptic warnings for a worldwide depression.
  4. And, from way out in left-field (we might hope), this article from the Daily Beast (as cited by Drudge, via our friend The Lone Ranger), regarding the increasing militarization of our domestic police forces here in the US of A, apparently funded by DHS, which only “coincidentally” is occuring at the same time as the recent passage of the NDAA, which would appear to pound yet one more nail in the coffin of the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act (that precludes the use of military forces for domestic policing activities) and could lay the foundation for the establishment of martial law here, as warned by (heads-up M. Ragazzo) Ron Paul in this article from Prison Planet.

I could go on, there being any number of other relevant and equally disturbing threads to pull (the Occupy Movement, the upcoming presidential election, border security, middle east tensions, you name it).  So, what does it all mean?  How about I just sit here quietly and see if any of you have any suggestions.



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