Inflation = Socialism

h/t to this year’s Thunder Road report for making this connection rather obvious to me.

“The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”  – Margaret Thatcher

So, they end up having to print it, until that doesn’t work anymore either.  (Which, seems to be why that, given enough time, they always end up having to starve or, otherwise, kill the “useless eaters” in the end.)  With the dollar now 98% eroded over 98 years (with only two more years to go, it seems) and 46.3 million – and rising – Americans on food stamps (gee, only 15% as yet), you might say we’re well on our way to a glorious workers paradise where we: 




 Or, said in another, time honored, way: 








So, this Christmas, before we ourselves are on the dole, let’s just be as charitable as we can be, OK?



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