Fall & Winter Priorities

Do you care?  Maybe not, but this is as good a place as any to jot a few “notes to self”.  Ignoring, for the next season or two, the spring and summer tasks that didn’t get quite done, here are the top jobs for the Tuttle homestead this fall and winter.  (note:  see a report card on the Summer to do list below.)

  1. Shop improvements:  complete cleaning & re-organisation, start insulation, new lighting, alternative heating?, new workbenches.
  2. House improvements:  bathroom floor and lighting, kitchen countertops and sink, think about new heating options, radiant HW?.
  3. Outdoors, as weather permits:  Garden and pasture fencing improvements, finish barn siding, barn doors, cut more firewood, dog house roof.
  4. Shop projects:  turn a bowl, finish building tv stand, learn to “brown” a shotgun, rebuild an electric guitar, start an acoustic guitar build.
  5. Personal:  Continue diet & exercise plan, try to participate more at church, make some music.
  6. Professional:  Start building a new business.
  7. Preparedness:  Sell more unnecessary stuff, inventory & rotate food supplies, add manual water pump, consider propane systems, top off ammunition supplies, learn to reload, learn to make cheese.

Probably a little ambitious.  Oh well, what else is new.

Then again, here’s what got done this summer:

  • Plant new fruit trees – done.
  • Seed and fertilize pasture – done.
  • Clean up raspberry beds – done.
  • Put in garden – done.
  • Prepare new strawberry beds – begun.
  • Hook up garden water system – begun.
  • Service all small machinery – done.
  • Repair chainsaw and wheeled string trimmer – done, but the trimmer needs more attention.
  • Build greenhouse – begun…put on hold until next spring
  • Build at least one barn door. – nada
  • Build two garden/yard gates. – nada
  • Rebuild back porch – done.
  • Repair dog-house roof – nada
  • Repair burst water lines in shop – nada, coming soon though.
  • Finish barn siding – partly done.
  • Patch barn roof – done.
  • Load-up the new woodshed – good progress, but some more logs to buck yet.
  • Spread chips/mulch in landscaping beds – done.
  • Move and/or turn manure pile – partly done.
  • Re-roof garden and storage sheds – garden shed roof done.
  • Prepare canning storage area in pantry – nada.
  • Watch carport sink a bit further into the ground – still watching.
  • Catch up enough to get back to work on the kitchen and bath remodel by fall – the shop is almost ready for action.

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