Someday A Real Rain Will Come

h/t to Mr. White for the inspiration…

The problem, as posed to us by the likes of the Occupy Wall Street crowd, is just how closely that “rain” will ultimately resemble Robespierre’s Committee of Public Safety.



6 responses to “Someday A Real Rain Will Come

  1. I am informed that Mrs. White has promised youngest son a crossbow for Christmas. I was not consulted.

    The ship need not sink. A good Austrian like you should be able to differentiate between real capital and nominal wealth. Sure there is some nominal wealth destruction on the horizon, but real capital (skills, tools and commodities) can be preserved in the face of that destruction. Once we realize that Lord Humungous is us, we need not be dismayed by the challenges ahead. Just don’t be the guy that gets bound to the bumper of the battle wagon.

    Remember the lesson of Road Warrior 2. The good guys prevail as long as they stick together, keep their wits about them and are prepared to make certain sacrifices. Lord Humungous, the Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla, is eventually disappointed and embarrassed.


    • HDW:

      I like that: “Lord Humungous is us.” Sure, though “he” tends to follow his guiding principles, flawed though they are, which will surely lead him to certain doom.

      But, on this I surely agree: resistance is not futile.

      Of the capital you listed, I would add (and choose first to preserve) the guiding principles that, sadly, Lord Humungous and his horde have rejected. And, I’m afraid that they’ll destroy.more than “some nominal wealth”. Could prove to be quite a lot more by the time you-know-who wears out his cross-bow. I’d not stick with the ship, per se, but, rather, keep an eye on the lifeboats.


      • The rule for life rafts is to never climb down into a life raft. The boat, even partially flooded, is an incomparably better survival platform than even the most expensive “offshore” raft. Make sure before you bail from the ship that you are climbing up into the raft.

      • Mr. White: True enough and good advice. You must be one of those oddities of nature, the “old-bold sailer”.



    Was it Mark Twain that said “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated?” Maybe it was Ben Franklin. Maybe it will be the the good old United States of America in the twenty first century. At least that’s where I would put my money.

    Just not all of it.


    • Mr. White – So good to hear from you (directly on the blog). I seem to recall it was Twain, but I could be wrong.

      I defer to an old metaphor about rats and shinking ships. They tend to run (or swim as the metaphor may requrie) toward the ship sitting highest in the water, even if it too might be sinking.

      To be sure, quite a few of our problems would subside if we actually quit wasting so much and using what we have in abundance. That doesn’t change the fact that Lord Humungous is at the gate.

      For the record, I’m beginning to think of you now as a “hedged-anarcho-survivalist-capitalist-meliorist”. Today, I envision you sitting on the porch of a cozy (may be even cheerful) little survival compound filled with busy and industrious children, armed with swords, crossbows, and cobbler’s tools, who occasionally challenge your primacy and control of the key to the grain bin. But, then, maybe that’s just because I caught some scenes from “The Road Warrior” and “Mad Max” last night. Does your son happen to have a razor sharp boom-a-rang yet? Oh well, Christmas is coming.


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