Defying Conventional Wisdom

As a reasonable follow-up to the last post, I’d like to take a minute to showcase a few new revelations from this past week.

  • To begin with, shooters are also readers.  Duh.  They’re not just sitting there in their truck holding their “pistol” with an obscene grin on their face. And, no, I’m not just talking about reading the lastest issue of G&A either.
  • Herman Cain has, in several polls this past week, risen to the top tier of the Republican race.  He seems to be attracting an inordinate amount of support from the racist tea party. (See articles here and here.) 
  • One of my new favorite web discoveries – The Art of Manliness has come to my aid a number of times recently.   Though my wife (rightly) fears the possibility of a new fondness for mustache wax, this site is really useful to those who aren’t afraid of being men.  (Their self-defense article, by the way, ranks at #8.)
  • Finally, in the latest news, the Occupy Wall Street movement – while being almost laughably naive – does represent a clear and present – hmmm – let’s call it an “undercurrent” of danger that threatens to bloom into something far more serious.  Having attracted more significant support, despite their violent tendencies, this crowd is also doing an admirable job of demonstrating that, yeah, maybe Glenn Beck was right about them.



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