#2 With A Bullet

There are days when it seems that blogging is for the birds.  I’ve got better things to do with my time.  And, there are days when I know that I should spend more time here, tweaking the site, writing good long-term content, updating the old stuff. 

Then there are days like the past two when, inexplicably, traffic spikes to record highs and you find out that people are, against all expectations, really reading some of what you put out there.  Now, it has long been the case that the few firearms articles I’ve written (here and here) as have continuously generated the most consistent traffic.  This, despite the fact that I make no claims of being a firearms expert or, frankly, the rather wide range of topics addressed on this site.

Well, despite those apparent limitations, it seems we’ve reached a new highs in our Google ranking for searches related to “best revolvers”.  At the moment, we rank #2, (and rightly) behind Smith & Wesson and, ironically, before “bestrevolvers.com“.  The day we beat Smith & Wesson, by the way, is the day I should be finding a new line of work.

So, many thanks (and welcome) to our newest readers.  I hope you find other content here that is equally useful to you. 




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