Socialism Isn’t A Cure For Facism

The following is an exerpt from another great article from the Ludwig von Mises Institute, “The Facist Threat“.  Very relevant to the political alternatives we’re now facing and a good review of how we got here.

“In 1933 and 1934, the American Left had to make a choice. Would they embrace the corporatism and regimentation of the New Deal or take a principled stand on their old liberal values? In other words, would they accept fascism as a halfway house to their socialist utopia? A gigantic battle ensued in this period, and there was a clear winner. The New Deal made an offer the Left could not refuse. And it was a small step to go from the embrace of the fascistic planned economy to the celebration of the warfare state that concluded the New Deal period.”

Just for the record, a choice between two evils is no choice at all.  Rejecting statist/socialist Option A or B is the only real path that ought to be considered.  When the battle between the devil and deep blue sea puts us into a condition of despondent and fearful desperation, we just might remember that our natural condition – the one we are born to live in – is one of liberty. 





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