A Country Home “To-Do” List – June 2011

As I’ve joked before, we’re now in year eleven of our “Five Year Plan”.  Makes me a little teary-eyed when I think about how “Planners” must feel about the state of their reality.  Anyway, for those who might find it interesting, perhaps encouraging, here’s the ongoing “to-do” list that we are wrestling with at the moment:

  • Plant new fruit trees – done.
  • Seed and fertilize pasture – done.
  • Clean up raspberry beds – done.
  • Put in garden – done.
  • Prepare new strawberry beds – begun.
  • Hook up garden water system – begun.
  • Service all small machinery – done.
  • Repair chainsaw and wheeled string trimmer – mostly done…
  • Build greenhouse – begun.
  • Build at least one barn door.
  • Build two garden/yard gates.
  • Rebuild back porch.
  • Repair dog-house roof.
  • Repair burst water lines in shop.
  • Finish barn siding.
  • Patch barn roof.
  • Load-up the new woodshed.
  • Spread chips/mulch in landscaping beds.
  • Move and/or turn manure pile.
  • Re-roof garden and storage sheds.
  • Prepare canning storage area in pantry.
  • Watch carport sink a bit further into the ground.
  • Catch up enough to get back to work on the kitchen and bath remodel by fall.

Old Chinese proverb:  “Man who finish house die.”



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