Michael Ruppert Revisted

Of passing interest, I take note that my buddy Andre remains infatuated with the semi-lunatic ravings of Michael Ruppert.  As you may recall, Michael Ruppert – a leader of the “peak everything” crowd – has asserted that the dire straights we find ourselves in are a direct result of the Judeo-Christian “mandate” to subdue the earth, suggesting that this has been used to justify the abject consumption of our precious resources, among other outrages.

To this, I say, “poppycock”.  For one thing, anytime the bible tells us to “subdue the earth“, it also tells us to “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth…“.  That sounds quite a lot more like “stewardship” to me.  To Ruppert and his ilk, however, even the “be fruitful and multiply” inevitably denotes an infinite-growth Ponzi scheme.

Still, I defer to Websters on the matter of the word “replenish”:

1. (v. t.) To fill again after having been diminished or emptied; to stock anew; hence, to fill completely; to cause to abound.  2. (v. t.) To finish; to complete; to perfect. 3. (v. i.) To recover former fullness.

(And, for the record, you best “subdue” the weeds in your garden, shortly after the seeds you planted have been fruitful and multiplied.  That’s assuming, of course, that you like to eat.) 

The other word Ruppert likes to expound upon is “dominion”, a concept which he calls “the fundamental disconnect…that is killing us“.   He never quite manages to address the simple fact that nature, remaining well outside of our dominion and, thus, unsubdued, would surely be inclined to, if not kill us outright, allow us to die of our own stupidity.  Our “garden”, remaining unplowed, unplanted, and unweeded would simply refuse to feed us as we wile away the hours lying in our hammocks spouting paganist propaganda and suffering from malaria. 

Ruppert:  “This is not rocket science. A great many billions of people are going to have to die.”  Well, under Ruppert’s paganist “earth first” agenda, that is quite literally true. 

Still, giving Ruppert his due, I do happen to agree with him that, at the heart of the matter, it is spiritual problem that is “killing us”.  I’m just not inclined to believe that the Judeo-Christian traditions or, even, that all western progress and technology are the crux of the problem.  While I might agree that unbridled greed and that thoughtless consumption are undesirable, even these are merely symptomatic of an unsound value system….and hardly relevant to the core principles of Christianity.      

But then Ruppert has rejected Christianity, not – he tells us (while boasting that he’s  read the bible 3 or 4 times) – on the basis of what Jesus actually taught, but on how many so-called believers actually behave.  Sort of like deciding that food is bad for you after studying binge eaters.

Here now, either we accept that we are fundamentally different from the rest of creation or we reject that notion.  Biblical dominion, after all, is a concept that presumes not only an order of creation, it explicitly requires responsible oversight.  If we recognize God’s dominion over us, for instance, we might also imagine that with our own dominion – even if it merely our own families and homes – would require similar care.  It does not extend a license to rape, pillage, and plunder. 

Ruppert:  “My position is that I see that the major world dominant religions being abandoned, because they no longer apply. Because they have no relevance to daily life. Because they aren’t addressing or explaining the life experience that people are having.” 

Ok, Mike, I’ll grant you, that may be partly true, but only because many of the “major world dominant religions”, as you lump them, are indeed rife with inaccurate and deceptive half-truths (much like your own characterization of Christianity).  I guess that I just don’t expect such lies to have much relevance to daily life.  Call me crazy that way.  But, then, fighting lies with more lies doesn’t really get us anywhere either.

Harry Tuttle

PS  – Check out one interesting counterpoint on these issues from Charles Hugh Smith


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