Guest Post: America Needs A New CEO

Submitted by Mysterious X

New CEO needed for turnaround at USA Inc.

BusinessWeek has published this interesting article that evaluates the United States as a business. There is a plethora of additional information made available in a detailed PDF report.  I won’t spoil your fun by dissecting all the numbers, but here is my food for thought.

Every business hits hard times. Natural disaster, terrorism (9-11), recession can all force a business into negative cash flow over the short-term. Even if you can avoid negative cash flow, you have to keep investing to grow when things are better.

Unfortunately, “the Business” of running the USA has deeper problems.

So, in USA Inc, we’ve seen Entitlement Spending double over 15 years.


And what should we expect for this outlay? I’d say people should be healthier and living longer. Entitlements are to take care of the people right?

So why isn’t the life expectancy in the US any better? Add in the amount of spending done in the US on healthcare (which we are on the way to converting to an entitlement) and it is apparent we’re headed in the wrong direction.


This is just one aspect of America. Overall, our spending has driven us deep into negative cash flow (and I’m not seeing the results for this outlay).

I’ll leave you with these fun thoughts:



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