Big Fish Eating Little Fish: The State is a Tragedy of the Commons

My goodness, is this ever a breath of fresh air and clear thinking.  Please, please, please read this article from Michael Suede from Fascist Soup.

As well as can be said, the author offers this particular gem:  “For what is the State other than people looting each others’ private property in a zero sum game of resource redistribution?”

It is hardly worth adding to that little bit of utter clarity.  But, as the author notes, this insight is merely an extension of Tytler’s famous statement:  “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.

It is worth noting, however, that the modern “misunderstanding” of the democratic ideal has become something of a run-away-train.  Specifically, “pure democracy” is nothing more than “might is right” or, simply “big fish eating little fish”.  As we might, rightfully, quail over that thought, we ought to understand that our founding fathers understood this fact.  That’s why America was never ever intended to be (and should never become) a pure democracy.  There have to be fixed limits on the power of the majority.

It’s also the reason why we ought to be very, very concerned about the celebrated “democratic” impulses sweeping the world at the moment.  At its heart, this is nothing more than socialism, really, the true end game of “democracy”.  Inevitably, the “rights of man”, as determined by the socialistic state, will decant to a bitter and terrifying harvest to keep the resulting leviathan alive.

Starvation, of course, will do that to a civilization.  Survival justifies all evil intent, right?  It also clouds judgement and feeds hateful feelings.  Peaceful cooperative effort only comes from a civilization that values the right of the individual over that of the collective. 

If you doubt that point of view, imagine yourself in a position of absolute power over your neighbors and how you might wield it against those who you believe are “taking” more than their “fair share”.  If you can’t celebrate the hard-earned success of others, you can’t, then, really sympathize with the plight of those who hope to improve their own situation.  

If, in the end, the only solution you can imagine is the forced redistribution of property, you will starve the human spirit and, eventually, everything else:  the land, the body, the mind.  You will allow force to become so concentrated that all of the weak will be slaughtered for the survival of the fittest.  No matter the cost.





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