Brutha’ Busts A Move: Becomes a Citizen of The Republic

It’s a great day in America, even in the politically murky waters of the State of Ill-n-noyed.   While the Rahmbo-take-over of the Chi-town machine seems to be forging ahead, a small behind-the-scenes victory may be claimed.

As noted in this recent ARL article “Top Ten Handguns For Self-Defense“, my brother had undertaken the rather arduous task of becoming a member of the Armed Citizenry in the Land-o-Lincoln.  Today we learn that he has, at long last, finally crossed that threshold. 

So, you might ask, what did he end up buying?  Well, despite his assurance that he will (eventually) purchase a Glock 22 (aka America’s Favorite Handgun), what he’s actually done is built himself an AR-15 (aka America’s Favoritie Evil Black Rifle – “EBR”).  Why?  ‘Cause that’s the way he rolls, that’s why.  And, if he can get it done there, you ought to be able to figure out something where you live, don’t you think? 

The next problem:  Where in the heck can you actually shoot the dang thing in the befuddled state of Illinois?  Now, that’s a good question. 

Still….congratulations, Bro’.



2 responses to “Brutha’ Busts A Move: Becomes a Citizen of The Republic

  1. Bro:
    Don’t let your lovely wife see my article “Beware of the Man with One Gun”. She might think you’re already too well equipped. We solved that in our household since Mrs. T simply claims any new firearms as hers. Simple. Talk about needs. That woman is seriously needy.

  2. Thanks for welcoming me into the club… I couldn’t be happier with my first two guns. I think it is too early for me to be able say “I have more guns than I need but less than I want”… My list of needs have still not been fulfilled yet. Keep providing us with your insights on how I can satisfy my “needs”.

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