Anarcho-Capitalism Revisited

This goes out to our own Mr. White, a somewhat newly minted and self-proclaimed Anarcho-Capitalist…..too good to pass up, really.

The article in review for today:  The Reasonableness of Anarcho-Capitalism, by Anthony Wiles, via The Daily Bell.

First, a few of Mr. Wiles’ salient points:

  • “Every law and every regulation is a price-fix of sorts and generates – for some service or some product – a queue, a shortage or a forcible redistribution of resources.”
  • “Over time, regulatory democracies tend toward more and more distortion. Regulatory overload only makes things worse.”
  • “Eventually, we come to the era of fingerpointing and blame-avoidance….(which) takes several forms….(and) is also applied to individuals and individual concepts.”
  • “The problem with this sort of strategy is that it doesn’t work very well in the 21st century….No doubt the power elite intended to take advantage of the current chaos to implement further economic centralizations. But it seems to me that the Internet has made their job a great deal harder.”
  • “As other sociopolitical solutions are tried and exhausted, free markets increasingly may be viewed as a logical alternative to the failed solutions of a centralized and rigid Western system. Anarcho-capitalism itself may even come to be seen as a reasonable evolution of free-market thinking.”

OK, then, in recap: 

a) Austrian (free-market) thinking is the de facto reality of the econosphere, regardless of attempt to subvert it in the socio-political arena.  Check

 b) Modern technology and the free flow of information is helping to discredit (and will, ultimately, lead to the destruction of) the politically elite statist paradigm.  Hmmm, well, wish in one hand….

Actually, I don’t want to rain on the parade, really, but I’m sorry, majority dependency is a fait accompli, in the US now, as in most of the world.   Practically speaking, what are all of these folks going to do? (Besides making whispered arrangements for back-alley barter, whilst waiting in the hand-out line, that is.)

And, I don’t know if anyone has been taking notes, but, that “free flow of information” includes quite a lot of disinformation….a category into which many might put this article.  Oh, the peril.

More to the point, even – perhaps, especially – this avenue is, even as we speak, well under attack.  And, in its guise as a free market (or flea market economy, as I like to call it), well those doors are being closed now too. (See here, here, and here.)  I might add, if somewhat cynically, that it’s turning into a bit a horse-race to see whether global repudiation of the dollar or the burgeoning underground (flea-market) economy will kill the concept of non-traceable, non-digital, paper currency first.

Regardless, we can, I believe, count on statist desperation to get a whole lot worse before it slinks off to the dustbin of history, as Mr. Wiles’ seems to expect.  And, it may go without saying, I’m not entirely sure that our society will survive that contest.  

Still, some – such as our favored Backwoods Home – are already (openly, eagerly, brazenly) accepting silver coins in exchange for goods and services.  And, good on them.   (We’ll see if we can’t start identifying more such businesses for you.) And, while barter does remain a viable, if limited, option for some transactions, a sound and free currency has always provided the real basis for economic freedom.  Let’s work on that solution, what do you say?

Harry Tuttle





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