There’s No Such Thing As Strong Coffee….

(Only Weak People)  – “Colonel Steve”, an Air Force pilot from the “old school”.

Inspired, in part, by this article:  “Wanting is for Weaklings“, by “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur”, check him out.  Had me laughing, which – some days – can be a very good thing.  One of his mottos “for winners”:  “There is no Plan B“.  And, that got me thinking some too.  Sometimes there is no Plan B.

Maintaining the conviction of your beliefs – when it’s out of step with the rest of the world – can get to be a huge drag over the long haul.  That’s especially true during troubled times, when society’s ideas become largely reactionary and you start to see the lemming effect in full bloom. 

When driven by fear, anger, greed, or any other destructive motivation, society get’s a “take no prisoners” mindset.   You know this one:  “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”  Don’t buck the tide. 

For Christians, especially those that feel some measure of obligation to “The Great Commission“, it is guaranteed that the herd will run you over.  The whole “in the world, but not of the world” condition of such faith has a tendency to make one into something of a “sojourner” in this world.  There’s a going to be price to pay, get used to it. 

(Side note:  For the record, I emphatically do not mean folks like these so-called sojourners, whose primary purpose is clearly progressive “social justice” politics under the misguided guise of religion…but, that’s a discussion for another day.)

Actually, I don’t really care whether we’re talking religion, politics, economics, or football.  Humans have a general, universal, even understandable, aversion to the truth.  More accurately, they tend to rely upon the support or reinforcement of others around them to maintain some level of confidence in their beliefs.

Because, well, the alternative is not only lonely, it’s probably unpleasant too.  That unpleasant feeling?  Being wrong.  Nobody likes it.  Hence, the dual meaning of the word “conviction“:  “a firm belief, a belief held as proven” and “the proving of guilt“.  Sometimes, you just can’t seperate them from one another.

It was Socrates that said, “the unexamined life is not worth living“.  Mark Twain’s rejoinder, “…but the life too closely examined may not be lived at all.”   Be that as it may, the biggest question in your life, whether it is examined or not, is what are you really doing here? 

I probably can’t help you much if your answer to that question is, “whatever dude, pass the cheese doodles”.  And, you may be one of the majority that believes that there is simply no such thing as “absolute truth”.  Fine.  As it happens, you are perfectly free to “have it your way”.  Speaking for myself,  I’d do very little to change that….other than point out the error of your ways to you, perhaps. 

If I think you’re dead wrong, maybe standing in the middle of the road as a huge bus comes barreling towards you, it would be rather callous of me to whistle “que sera, sera”, don’t you think?  But, it’s not on me, in the end, if you choose to stand there, refusing to be moved.  Stick with Plan B.  That’s your right.

What seems to make everyone sooooooooo uncomfortable, really, is one fellow telling another fellow that he’s dead wrong.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether or not it might be true.  That’s just besides the point.  Afterall, we’ve all got our own ideas about what’s true and what isn’t true.  And, I do get it:  this life is a voyage of personal discovery. 

But, as noted above, there really is “no Plan B”.  At least  not the kind that get’s you off the hook for ignoring the truth.  If you care even a little bit about such a thing, you really ought to share it with others, even at the risk of being shunned by you closest friends.  And let others challenge you with their ideas.  As it happens, that’s really the only way that “truth wins out”.

And, for the record, I believe that we’re all weak people, to one extent or another.  We can drink the coffee or, if preferring a peaceful slumber, choose not to drink it.  But, hey, don’t take my word for it, it’s just my version of the truth.

Harry Tuttle



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