An Object Lesson From Euroland

We talk more frequently about the “race to the bottom” concept as it applies to currencies.  But, perhaps, we ought to spent a little energy considering it’s application to other issues, such as basic sovereignty?  

That’s the real end-game here, as it is with almost any crisis that is engineered – either through profligacy, incompetence, or actual malice – by the state.  Failed state solutions always lead to more onerous state solutions.  This is the real “race to the bottom”.

Things here in the good old US of A aren’t really all that different.  We might remember that the EU is simply a modern-day attempt to recreate the economic and political unity enjoyed here in the US….leapfrogging, of course, to a more “enlightened” modern version of democratic socialism.  Just another lap into the more general “race to the bottom” in which most of the world is furiously engaged.

Here, it doesn’t get much press, but our States and Cities are really in much the same boat as Ireland and Greece, et al.  What ever solutions are engineered for each of us personally, along with every level of government over which we still exert nominal control, will cost sovereignty.  That is the game.

But, speaking of “races to the bottom”…..I don’t know about you, but I simply can’t wait to see the TSA’s response to the next “colon bomber”, can’t you?  It seems our holiday travelers have peacefully acquiesced to the latest intrusions on their personal liberty.  Way to fight the good fight.

But, regardless, Happy Thanksgiving.  No matter the challenges, we should give thanks for the bits of liberty and comfort that we retain.  And, we should recognize just how rare and unique our opportunities have been.  They are worth preserving.  Give thanks to God and it might yet be done.

Harry Tuttle


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