Dog Catches Car

Now what’s he gonna do with it?

Maybe I’ve just gotten a little cynical in my old age, but I doubt he’s going to be able to drive it anywhere.  But, here’s to hoping that, maybe, he slows it down a little.

At any rate, I’m still gratified to know that quite a few Americans are yearning for constitutional government.  Be that as it may, the problems we’re facing are very, very big and have, yet, quite a lot of momentum. 

Granted, God may choose to honor such earnest opposition to forces that would steal the blessings of liberty that we’ve enjoyed in this country for so long.  But, even that hope would require the recognition that liberty is a two-edged sword and, perhaps, the sort of humility that is sorely lacking in our culture today.  That humility might just begin with a long, hard look in our own mirrors. 

Harry Tuttle

(Apologies to MR for the many videos this week.  Maybe I’m feeling a bit lazy.  Today, maybe I’m just diggin’ King’s X.)


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