How to Catch a Baby and Save Ten Thousand Dollars

Is it reasonable to pay a doctor $10,000 to catch a baby?  The mother does all the work, after all.  And many mothers work better without a doctor in the way.  My wife is one of them.

We have had three children and all three were delivered at home.  We went to a licensed midwife for all prenatal care and postnatal care and she delivered our first baby.  She was good.  We intended to have her deliver our second and third babies as well – but my wife is a champ.  She went through labor so quickly that the midwife could not get there in time and my wife’s untrained, but able-bodied, husband had to step in and catch.

I can tell you that catching a baby is not difficult.  It is probably less difficult than catching a football.  The baby is not moving very quickly when it arrives.  I did not plan to do it and I would not plan to do it again, but it was not as scary as I thought it would be.  In fact, it was wonderful.  It was very special for my wife and I to have two of our children with no one else around.  (Our midwife did arrive shortly after both of these unassisted births and we were glad to have her.)

You don’t have to have your baby in a hospital.  Most mothers do and one third of them end up in surgery.  One third.  I find it hard to believe that one third of mothers are truly unable to deliver a baby without surgery.  I give women more credit than that.

Good doctors say that the least medicine is the best medicine.  You don’t need medicine to have a baby and you don’t have to have your baby in a hospital.  I found out that for us, having a baby was not an emergency.  And even though I would not plan on delivering another baby myself – it’s a very liberating thing to realize that, like building a house or fixing a car or growing a bean, you don’t absolutely need a professional.

– M. Ragazzo


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