News Flash: New Jersey man threatened by discussion of interests he does not share, vows to watch more TV.

Doubling the apparent readership of ARL, an engineer from the suburbs of the Garden State wrote in to complain that the contributors at ARL were judgmental.  He suggested that the contributors have poor dental hygiene and offered them this advice:  “Don’t judge.”   Then he complained that all vegans are  hypocrites.

You can’t make this stuff up.



3 responses to “News Flash: New Jersey man threatened by discussion of interests he does not share, vows to watch more TV.

  1. HDW, thanks for the post, but you might want to re-read my post.

    I did not disparage the dental hygiene of contributors. In fact, I referred to “your bretheren”, which would be not you unless you’re your own brother. The good news is that my comment was not judgemental. I’m just fine with both the dentally challenged and gun owners.

    As long as we’re all splitting hairs, I did refer to “a” vegan’s house. If I had referred to “any” vegan then I would have been disparaging all vegans (as you suggest). Any group has good and bad (even NJ).

    Mr T and HDW, feel free to bash NJ all you want. I’m not a native so it doesn’t offend me in the least. Heck, I can show you where the bodies are buried.

    • Now, boys, let’s all remember to use our “inside voices”.

      Just a reminder here that this is all just spirited conversation. As editor/moderator, I’d like to help move the conversation along by suggesting the following:

      1. Yes, of course, there are a number of possible interpretations of the term “a reasonable life”. We here at ARL don’t presume to so narrowly define the term that it would necessarily exclude all but ourselves or anyone choosing a different path.

      2. That said, the range of choice that you might expect to see supported (and/or debated) here would not, generally, include the typical suburban lifestyle, whether in NJ or anyplace else for that matter. This “judgement” reflects our contention such lifestyles are ill suited to meet the many challenges identified and/or discussed on this site. (see a list on the About page, along with any number of posts.)

      3. In addition, for those who are paying atttention to current events, there are very real (and growing) economic, political, and geopolitical threats to the American status quo. While we might define “sustainability” differently than Al Gore (for instance), it is still fair to say that we tend to believe that most of these challenges cannot be adequately met in the ‘burbs, for a whole host of very practical reasons. If you feel differently, then make your case. Tell us, for instance, how a suburban family might protect itself from any of a number of such threats, such as civil unrest, skyrocketing food or fuel prices, pandemic unemployment, excessive debt, busybody government intrusion, etc. Don’t believe those threats exist? Again, make the case.

      4. Finally, expect that any debate here will prompt rigorous review and, one hopes, vigorous response. As said above, everyone should be prepared to “make their case”. That means more than simple flamethrowing, as fun as that might be. It means well-reasoned arguments backed by more than simple conjecture. Keep the gloves on, but feel free to refute any and all of the opposing points of view presented here.

      Thanks, Editor

  2. Not a “texter”, so I’ll type this out in what we used to call “the english language”: rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off.

    Gauntlet thrown. Now expecting standard NJ response, “Get Rocko on the phone der and taka care a dis problem I got onna West Coast.” What’s really funny is that the post generated an automatic recommendation to a “possibly related” post entitled “ba-da-bing”. I kid you not. As you said, you can’t make this stuff up.

    Don’t get me started on NJ, I’ve been there, you know? Anyway, I knew this might be fun.

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