Harry, this is really good.

Apparently, the 1973 book The Dying of Money  has become so popular that hard copies are selling for hundreds of dollars on Amazon and Ebay.  But thanks to Zero Hedge, you can download it for free.  As one of the comments points out , you have to love the irony of a book about hyper-inflation that costs $300.

I hope to write a review when  I finish, unless I can convince Harry #1  to write it.  But until then, I’ll just throw out the recommendation that this is worth reading, and finish with a quote from the book:

“Payment deficits while they last are in reality no problem at all but quite delightful for the deficit country, allowing it to enjoy a flow of pleasant things like foreign goods and foreign vacations with its constantly cheapening money.  Like a fall from a high building, it is not the payments deficit that hurts but the sudden stop.”



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