Obama – Friend of Liberty

As our favorite plumber prepares to battle zombies, I would just like to remind everyone that everything continues to get better and better.

Mr. Tuttle would surely agree that an armed citizenry is important to the maintenance of a free state.  Hence the prominent position of gun rights in our Bill of Rights.  Note that the right is a means to an end.  The end is actually having citizens in possession of firearms.

And no one, not Ted Nugent, not Charleton Heston, not Glenn Beck, has been as successful at encouraging the citizens of the United States to fulfill their civic duty to prepare for eventual membership in a well-organized militia than President Obama.

I, myself, was motivated to purchase several firearms in recent years, that I likely would not have purchased without Obama’s leadership.


PS:  For the record, now that all that post-election paranoia has been exposed for the silliness that it was, I have since sold all of my firearms to private buyers for whom I do not have contact information.


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