Your Reasonable Life

We can become so obsessed with pressing, immediate concerns, even the minutia of daily living, that we often lose sight of the “big picture”.  In regards to this blog, it might be useful to stop a moment, take a breather, and get a bit of the aerial view.    

Some readers of this blog, few though they are, may wonder at the range of topics explored here.  After all, what does economics have to do with simplicity?  Does religion have any bearing on a desire for self-sufficiency?  Does libertarian politics affect my career path? 

Yes, it’s a mixed bag alright.  And, there’s no easy answer to any of those questions, except to say these are areas that tend to present the biggest challenges and, as might be expected, can offer the most opportunity for defining and living “a reasonable life”. 

 It’s true, each of us will define “reasonable” in our own way.  The contributors to this site, you’ll note, will never agree on everything, although I suspect that we share some basic points of view, such as:

  • Faith is an essential requirement for knowing the difference between “reasonable” and “unreasonable”.  (Fans of Bill Mahr, I’m sure, will disagree. )
  • Being a slave to debt is the surest “road to serfdom”.
  • A life guided by materialism might be fun, but can’t ever, really, satisfy our deepest needs and desires.
  • An overly narrow focus in one’s life is a tragedy of unfulfilled potential.
  • There are challenges, obstacles, even “forces at work” that will never rest in trying to make your life “unreasonable”.
  • “Reasonable” begins and end at home, in the head and the heart of the beholder. 

We, like you, may disagree over the specifics (i.e. religious persuasion, political leanings, spending priorities, our passions, etc.), but then we are all uniquely made and have different experiences and circumstances.  In the end, we’re all “groping” different parts of the elephant.

The opinions expressed here aren’t intended to be universal, one-size-fits-all solutions, but we hope that they do shed some light on the path you choose to follow. 


Harry Tuttle

“We’re all in it together”


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