We All Deserve Nothing

I don’t know about you, but I am not inspired to devote my heart, soul and muscles to the task of achieving “an equitable and non-violent world.”  I’m sorry, I just can’t get excited about it.  I’m not sure what that world would look like, but it sounds dead.  It doesn’t sound like the paradise I am after.

Not that there will be violence and wars in my paradise.  But describing paradise by listing the broken things it doesn’t have is like describing a beautiful new house by saying that the roof doesn’t leak and the doors aren’t rusted shut.  It’s like describing a delicious feast by saying that it won’t make you sick.    

I think the key is this: the more I realize that I can’t have heaven on earth, the more peaceful I am.  The more I realize that this trip isn’t going to last forever, the more I realize that the comfy seats aren’t worth fighting over.  Non-violence isn’t a goal.  It’s a side affect of pursuing better things.  The more I concern myself with the compass heading and the sails, the less time I spend in the galley worrying about the equal distribution of dessert.  And the happier I am for it. 

Not that equal distribution of dessert is a bad thing, it’s just that there are bigger things to think about.  Dessert is a bonus.  It’s not a right.  I have done nothing to deserve it.  I don’t even deserve to be on the boat.  But I am glad I’m here.

M. Ragazzo


One response to “We All Deserve Nothing

  1. Big thumbs up. Reminds me of Dave Ramsey’s “tag-line” when asked “how are you”? His response, “better than I deserve”. It’s well worth remembering that our life doesn’t come with a “happiness guarantee”. We should remind ourselves just how fortunate we are to live in a country that, heretofore, has been more serious than most about preserving the prospects for the pursuit of happiness. Other cultures and country’s, not so much.

    I particularly enjoy your image of the feast that doesn’t make you sick. Incidentally, that sort of reminds me of some who recently began to blame obesity on those evil food producers that had the audacity to make it taste good.

    As you rightfully imagine, there are many among us who would suck all the joy out of life to make it “safe”. Quite a few, actually. These “pod people”, we should remember, seem pretty serious about it, too.

    Harry Tuttle

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