Distributists Vote Democratic

The Democratic Party is the party of the minimum wage  as well as the party of higher marginal tax rates.  Raising the minimum wage reduces the labor participation rate, squeezing marginal workers out of the cash economy.  Higher marginal tax rates encourage skilled workers to work less at their profession.  Both of these effects create more opportunities for value added activities at home.

Higher tax rates also decrease economic efficiency.  A mechanic friend of mine says “You can’t beat a man at his trade.”  He means that even though his hourly rate is very high, you are better off having a professional do it than trying to muddle along yourself.  This is a terrible challenge to the do-it-yourself ethic. 

Luckily this challenge can be resolved by adding taxes and more taxes to the economic transaction between the tradesman and the would-be distributist.   Eventually the tax burden on the transaction is large enough, that it becomes economic to do it yourself.

Finally high taxes stimulate the underground economy, which by its nature is local and small-scale.

This pro-distributist tax policy is balanced somewhat by the Democratic desire to legalize marijuana.  This action would undermine the distributist economy of small time growers and retailers.

Such are the compromises of the democratic process.



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