Distributism Is A Friend Of Liberty

My dear Tuttle,

Everytime you and I speak of distributism, you scold me that socialism is nasty, nasty, nasty.  Nothing but coercion enforced by the threat of lethal violence by anti-Jeffersonian thugs.

Peace, brother.

I am afraid that you have misunderinterpreted what is meant by distributism.  Distributism, despite etymological similarities, is not wealth redistribution.  It is not what the Catholic social justice crowd call distributive justice.  Distributism  was embraced by thinkers who knew early and well the dangers of socialism.

Distributism is first of all a way of ordering one’s own life for maximum independence.  When Claire Wolfe writes that while waiting for the revolution one should find a job where one creates things of value using human scaled tools, she reveals herself as a closet distributist.

Government’s first role in distributism is to get out of the way.  Example:  my family buys raw milk from a local homesteader.  Because she does not have written permission from the government to sell milk from her own cows, her milk selling is illegal.  Government regulation, the bugaboo of libertarians, naturally favors big business at the expense of the small time operators.

They can take my home-made organic yogurt, when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

-Harry Dexter White


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