Humans are Made for Striving

Humans have two basic needs.  They need enough to eat and enough to do. 

Work is now the organizing principle of a reasonable life,  whether you like it or not Mr. Tuttle.  Humans are made for striving, at least since that mishap in the garden. 

The organizing principle of a reasonable life until recently used to be getting enough to eat.  With 90% or more of the population directly involved in growing food, having enough meaningful work to do was not a practical concern. 

We now live in a culture where  sociologists tell us that poverty causes obesity.  The solution is distributism

Don’t get your britches in a bundle Mr. Tuttle.  There need not be anything coercive about distributism.  People love working for themselves.  People hate being cubicle wage slaves.  Gardening is the #1 popular past time in the country.  Why? Because people crave peas?  Or because people are natural distributists?

Peace and prosperity to all in the new year.

-Harry Dexter White


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