A Reasonable Clothes Dryer

Dear Mr. Tuttle,

Thank you for lending me your book by Ferenc Máté.  I am enjoying his rants against modern conveniences, such as the clothes dryer.  I find myself agreeing with him, but I have a feeling that he doesn’t live in the Pacific Northwest, where drying clothing outdoors is a funny idea nine months out of the year.

We of course, being incredibly reasonable people, have solved that problem by building a house with a nice cathedral ceiling and installing an indoor clothes line.  However, I fear we have transgressed here as well – Mate spends a good page ranting about the stupidity and wastefulness of cathedral ceilings. 

Sincerely, your aspiring reasonable neighbor

M. Ragazzo


3 responses to “A Reasonable Clothes Dryer

  1. MR:

    You make several astute points on the subject of idealism….seems, errr, ideal to let that move to a new post. Glad you picked up on the HT, nom de plume, you can get more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazil_(film) and here:

    HT hereby approves your studio permit. How reasonable is that?

    regards, HT

  2. HT:

    In Mr. Máté’s defence, he does not hold up his own life as the ideal in his book, at least, not yet. (I have not finished the book.) His examples of reasonable living so far have been small farming families, who work extraordinarily hard but are free and healthy and working for themselves, reaping the fruits of their own labor.

    I don’t think this is a life attainable only by the most affluent. It might be difficult, but not unattainable. I think my ideal and Máté’s have a lot in common, but I agree with you completely that requiring conformity would defeat his own purpose.

    But I happen to think that anyone with ideals has to do a lot of condemning. In our conversations you and I both do an awful lot of condemning. I don’t see how you can have true ideals without condemning things that are wrong. BUT – condemning something philosophically is different than requiring with laws and such. With ideals, all we can do is try to live them ourselves and perhaps preach them…and condemn vociferously the building code.

    And thank you for the reassurance that my house is dandy. I thinks so too, even though it is built to code. My studio will be a different story.



  3. MR:

    Thanks for the post (and the blog). Interestingly, Ferenc Máté lived a goodly portion of his life in the PNW, Vancouver, B.C. actually. He’s spent much of his life, however, sailing to exotic ports and now resides on a vineyard in Tuscany. Only the least romantic of us might be inclined to exclude his idea of a reasonable life from consideration even if only the most affluent of us might hope to attain it. (see more here: http://www.ferencmate.com/)

    He does know how to rant, that is true. And, perhaps foregiveably, his brand of idealism would condemn all that conflicts with his vision. For me, that’s where the whole notion of “reasonable” starts getting sticky. How reasonable can any life be when it requires others to conform to it?

    I think your house is dandy, by the way, whatever Mr. Máté might say, although I highly recommend the addition of a studio (errr “man cave”).



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